Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love the New Threads!

The Twins unveiled their uniform set for 2010, which will feature a completely-redesigned road uniform, for the first season at Target Field.

The home uniform remains largely unchanged, although the font on the "Twins" logo, familiar since its introduction in 1987, has been updated slightly. This is not a surprise, given that the logo above the new Target Field scoreboard has shown this font since going into place last summer. For the inaugural game at Target Field and for Saturday home games, the Twins will wear throwback uniforms which are similar to those worn in the 1960s, featuring the scripted "Twins" mark on a pinstriped set. It's essentially the pinstriped version of the set worn at home on Saturday's last season to commemorate the final season of the Metrodome. Twins' outfielder Denard Span openly lobbied to make this set permanent and president Dave St. Peter hinted that may be the case by 2011.

The blue alternative jerseys and the (ugly) sleeveless alternative home jerseys remain unchanged.

The team will wear patches on their uniforms to commemorate the inaugural season of Target Field, as well as one honoring 50 years in Minnesota (more like 50 seasons; not 50 years, which is technically in 2011, but you get the point).

The Twins will also have a new team logo which has the "Twins" home uniform typeface surrounded by a circle with the words "Minnesota Twins Baseball Club." The "men shaking hands" logo will also be featured prominently.

The real story was the new road set which was a complete revamping of the one in use since 1987, but with a nod to the past. The script "Minnesota" is apparently similar to what Twins' players featured on warm-up jackets in the 1960s. The red color and blue drop shadow are featured on a plain gray uniform. That means, gone are the road pinstripes, and thank heavens! A red number with blue outline appears on the front left of the jersey (which could have been skipped altogether, but no big deal). On the backs, the names are in blue while the numbers are red with blue shadowing.

Also changed for 2010 are the caps. The Twins' "TC" logo will be used for both home (solid blue) and road (solid blue, but with red bills) games, although the "M" logo will be used on occasion. I'm fine with this, as long as the "M" hat, of which I am a fan, does not get retired altogether. Who knows for which "TC" stands?

If the Twins had simply kept the "Minnesota" word mark they had and ditched the pinstripes for the road set, that would have been fine. The Colorado Rockies are now the only team to feature pinstripes on the road, and they look like crap.

The final BP verdict: Sharp! Nicely done!

Here is the incomparable Uni Watch take.


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